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Uninsured Drivers in Long Beach 

Auto insurance may not be a priority to low income families in a city like Long Beach, but that is precisely why SkyBlue Insurance is here to help.

A survey found that ten percent of motorists have at least one uninsured vehicle. The same survey found that low-income, male renters, between the ages of 18 and 24 of either African American or Hispanic heritage are more likely to have an uninsured vehicle. Those same demographics are a large portion of the diverse population of Long Beach

More than 42 percent of Long Beach’s population is comprised of Latino residents. 

Skyblue hopes to become a beacon for Long Beach Auto Insurance by delivering reasonable auto insurance quotes to uninsured residents and helping to get them back safely driving once again. 

In Long Beach auto insurance is as easy as Clicking Here for an Instant Long Beach auto insurance quote or calling Skyblue Insurance Agency Inc. at 1-800-771-7758. 

The places where most low-income renters are housed in Long Beach, also happen to coincide with the areas where the most young people are, near downtown. This map will help Long Beach residents visualize the neighborhoods in which aunto insurance quotes might be most important to Long Beach residents.

Areas Most Likely To Have At Least One Uninsured Vehicle

On this map, orange regions with a large green dot are where motorists are more likely to have at least one uninsured vehicle. 

This is the government survey used to determine the demographics which contribute to the likelihood of being uninsured.

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