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 Negative Traffic Factors

General traffic deaths down, bike, truck, and youth death-rates rise 

Thousands of drivers are gambling with their financial future and the safety of others every day when they drive without auto insurance. The traffic safety of Long Beach as a whole has been improving and traffic fatalities are down, but rises in the categories mentioned above highlight that the dynamics of transportation in Long Beach are changing. 

We are well on our way to being one of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States, but the city has not been developed evenly in all areas and the narrow and dangerous streets of Central and North Long Beach are no comparison to the complete and well-designed streets of the first and second district where development funds have been concentrated. 

Overall, Long Beach is changing, and so are the ways we travel it and the vehicles we interact with on it's streets. the only way to be prepared for all of these changes is to make sure you have reliable auto insurance.

Uninsured Drivers

USA today said that more than 15 percent of California drivers are uninsured. Although traffic fatalities in general are down, fatalities among certain groups are rising, and Long Beach residents should be particularly concerned with maintaining insurance in this city where commercial, residential, and pedestrian traffic interact so often. 

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2010 saw an all-time-low in the number of California traffic fatalities, but fatalities involving bikes or large trucks have risen, 8.7 and 20 percent respectively. And of all of the fatality crashes involving a person with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater, youth from the ages of 21-24 were responsible for 30 percent. 

Long Beach is home to all three of these negative impacts to vehicular safety. 


Our ‘Bike friendly’ city continues to encourage thousands of bike-commuters in densely populated districts. The number of people biking regularly in Long Beach doubled from 2008-2010 reaching over 3,400- but the number of bike-related accidents nearly doubled with it (320) according to

The actual percentage of bikers in an accident has fallen however, considering the much higher number of bikers overall. 


The rise in the number of commercial truck fatalities is thought to reflect the uptick in the economy and the rising number of truck drivers getting back to work. But whatever the reason, the Port of Long Beach as well as the 710, 405, and 605 freeway corridors will ensure that Long Beach sees a share of those trucking fatalities. 


Lastly, although a recent ‘DUI’ enforcement saturation campaign by the Long Beach Police Department was considered a success, Long Beach is home to several thousand young drivers. In urban areas, the number of young drivers can be as high as one third of the driving population. These younger un-experienced drivers may not be to blame for all of the traffic problems, but they are without a doubt the most-likely to engage in incidents of driving under the influence of alcohol, or recreational drugs like Marijuana. 

For all of these reasons, it is absolutely imperative that Long Beach residents maintain an auto insurance policy on their vehicles, or face the consequences of driving without auto insurance.

Fines for driving without insurance can range from as little as $75.00 to as much as $1,000.00 and a few days in jail. The worst punishment for driving without insurance however, would be harming someone with your lack of responsibility, and possibly being obligated to them financially for a very long time. 

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