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Long Beach Transportation Blog 

All articles in this section pertain specifically to Long Beach and it's drivers in some way. Long Beach has been declared one of the most bike friendly cities in the nation and was named the most diverse city in the nation by USA today several years back. Learn a little more about the roads, vehicles and policies of Long Beach's transportation network at this blog. 

Uninsured Drivers in Long Beach 

Auto insurance may not be a priority to low income families in a city like Long Beach, but that is precisely why SkyBlue Insurance is here to help.

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 Negative Traffic Factors

General traffic deaths down, bike, truck, and youth death-rates rise 

Thousands of drivers are gambling with their financial future and the safety of others every day when they drive without auto insurance. The traffic safety of Long Beach as a whole has been improving and traffic fatalities are down, but rises in the categories mentioned above highlight that the dynamics of transportation in Long Beach are changing. 

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